An Introduction To Eco Friendly Bags

Bags serve many different functions. It does not just take hold of our belongings. It also complements the attire. Men and women alike are fond of bags. Some people cannot even go out without one. It has been proven that beauty does not mean jeopardizing our environment or inflict cruelty to animals. Although plastic bags can be reused, it remains not the best solution as it is not biodegradable. Thanks to the birth of green bags. This article is an introduction to eco friendly bags.

Such types of bags can be made from various materials that are not only reusable but recyclable as well. For example, they might be made from organic cotton, bamboo, or tapioca. These materials are not only sustainable but are made without much chemical. The chemicals might contain toxins, which are known to cause different types of cancer. Eco friendly bags decompose in a relatively smaller time than the usual bags. Green bags are not only limited to shopping bags. It has ventured into traveling bags and going as well. In fact, green bags for going out have been a trend and many different companies have joined the bandwagon and now offer a good deal of green bags. Even the supermarkets supply eco friendly bags to their consumers. They are making use of organic fibers and other materials to make highly fashionable bags.

You might say that you brown bags or the paper bags can be an alternative. However, we know that paper comes from trees and that in order to produce a large number of brown bags; a relative amount of trees must be cut down too. Eco friendly bags appear in a wide range of beautiful and stylish designs and sizes. Unlike plastic bags it does not cause harm neither to environment nor to animals. Green bags are durable too. They can be used over and over unlike plastics which have low quality that easily breaks after being utilized for a couple of times. What about cost? Eco friendly bags are not overly costly. They are also flexible. You can be shifted from shopping bag into canvass, tote bag and many others.

Every year, there is countless tons of plastic garbage. Some of which takes thousand of years to decay. Others do not decompose at all. The harmful effects of plastic materials are irreversible. This is why the public must be aware of how their carelessness will backfire to them one day. In fact, the violated nature has been starting to exact its revenge. It is pretty evident in the clogged sewage systems that are stuffed with various materials. This causes floods that cripple the everyday living of public.

Opting for eco friendly bags has small and large scale benefits. It can save you money because you can reuse and recycle your green bags. On the large extent, your community will save thousands of dollars as the amount of plastic to be disposed will be significantly lessened. Of course, not only you can help protect the environment but the animals as well. One of the creatures that will be directly helped is the fishes in bodies of water as they will not be harmed by plastic that are carelessly dumped into rivers.


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