Cleaning Your Eco Friendly Carpet

Cleaning up eco friendly carpet might not be something that is exciting to do. More often than not, when our rugs need washing, the first option that we will think of is the machines that cleanse carpets with detergents which smell stays at the house. It is quite important that your rugs are always clean especially if you have children and pets inside your home.

 However, maintaining its cleanliness often cost you much and worse, it deteriorates the beauty of your rugs over time. Your eco friendly carpet must be cleaned with environmentally ways as well. Not only that, you might be surprised that it will not cut a huge block from your budget. Below are some of the tips you must know.

Salt –This is already proven to be effective in cleaning your eco friendly carpet . It is also the easiest as you only need to scatter salt onto the carpet and leave it aside for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, you can vacuum it. If you do not have much salt, you can use another alternative which is the cornstarch. The procedure is pretty much the same.

Baking soda with oil for eco friendly carpet cleaning   –This works together with a score of drops of essential oil. This is recommended if you are allowing your pet to roam inside the house as the oil can deodorize the carpet while the baking soda cleans it. However, the two elements must be mixed well as there is a tendency that they might be clumped altogether. It's your choice what essential oil you will use. Lavender is recommended because its smell is therapeutic and fragrant. But if you are keen with mosquitoes, you may use rosemary or citronella as they have the ability to repel insects.

Baking soda –Like salt and cornstarch, you can use this alone to clean up your carpets. But you must dissolve it with water and spray it onto the stains of your rug prior to blotting. Do not rub it as it will not be good for your carpet. If the stain is quite heavy, you can use generous quantity of dry baking soda. Coat the stain with it and set it aside for overnight. Vacuum it when you wake up.

Club soda –Yes, you can use this as an eco friendly carpet cleaner. What you ought to do is soak the spot where the stain is into the soda without more ado. Blot. If you accidentally poured over a coffee over your carpet, what you can do is soak up with a moist fabric and afterwards, sprinkle on dry salt. Leave it for at least half an hour before vacuuming it.

Vinegar –This alternative is indispensable when it comes to eco friendly ways of cleaning your carpet. You can count that it will work regardless of its dilution as it works either way. With vinegar, carpet stains obtained from crayons will be no big deal. All you need is a little amount of this substance and good scrubbing and it will be good as new. For chocolate stains, you can use a combination of two cups of warm water and a cup of vinegar. What more, it not only cleans but can also function as a mild antiseptic.


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