Embracing Eco Friendly Clothing

 Playing up with clothes seems a natural thing for both men and women. This is unsurprising as our styles tend to represent what kind of personality we have. We differ with our ideas of what's stylish or not and on the standards of choosing what clothes we will buy. However, with the problem of global warming that cannot be brushed aside, we ought to do our share of fighting it and saving our planet. We can do this by embracing eco friendly clothing. Such kind of clothing are not just natural but healthy as well both for the environment and consumers. Organic outfits have ventured also into children's apparel. The clothes are made up of fibers like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and others. The first three will be further explained below.

Eco Friendly Clothing made of organic cotton –This fiber has been an all-time favorite especially during summer and on tropical countries because it breathes. It is comfortable to wear. It can protect our skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is safe and pleasant to our skin as it is soft. Holistic practitioners have been extensively accepting this fiber because it was believed to possess positive energy that has healing effects. This energy has been linked to recovery of people with poor health. This is not proven yet. But whether this is true or not, we can count on the fact that organic cotton fibers are good for people who have skin allergies. We know that dyes and other chemicals might be found in other garments. Through using this fiber, this can be prevented from happening. Also, the health of the people working in producing clothes made up of this fiber will not be compromised.

Eco Friendly Clothing made with Hemp –This fiber is renowned for its durability and strength. Comfort used to be an issue in using this fiber. Yet, the evolving technology has made a solution that remedied this problem, making it not just stylish but smooth and soft as well. Hemp has a nature that uses the trapped air in the clothes to work for the consumer's advantage. It makes the clothes cool when it is warm and vice versa. Also, it is not being bleached that is why it can be safe for people who have sensitive skin. This fiber also gets softer each time you use it. Hemp has been in use not only for clothing but other accessories like jewelries as well.

Eco Friendly Bamboo clothing –This is quite a new trend yet equally effective. For one, it can absorb perspiration faster than most garment including cotton. Of course, the ultraviolet protection is included on the list of what this fiber can do. Also, it has a substance that keeps away bacteria so it is like washing your clothes in an anti-bacterial soap minus the detergent. Additionally, it aids in keeping yourself free from body odor. What is beautiful with bamboo clothing is that it follows the shape of your physique because the fiber does not cling.

Eco friendly clothing is one god alternative that must be accepted. Why would you compromise your body's well-being and safety for the beauty that the abovementioned fibers can also give you? Go green and fill your dresser with such clothing.


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