Eco Friendly Flooring Choices

Eco friendly flooring seems to be the "in" thing today. It is quite evident that there are now a wide variety of eco friendly products, from clothing, accessories, jewelries, to cars and even houses that are now green. Speaking of houses, its roof and walls are not the only parts that can be environmental; there are now also a number of selections of eco friendly flooring that you can choose from. Whether you are remodeling your home or your office, or you might be starting from scratch, maybe you would like to consider the thought of going green. But what can be your options? Read on and be fascinated.

Eco friendly flooring from recycled Hardwood Floors –Opting for this alternative can save you more money and gives you the chance to save the trees that will be cut down just for your home as well. Recycled hardwoods are timbers that were once used to build different old edifices. You might ask where in the world you could get some. Well, you must not look very far. The next time you walk around your village, look at your surroundings closely especially the notable buildings. You will never know they might be selling some of their woods for some reason at a lower price. Is it safe? Yes they are as these woods are often cut from old-growth woodlands. Such trees are cut down only after they have reached their full maturity unlike today's hardwood floors which come from tree farms.

Eco friendly flooring such as Bamboo Laminate Flooring –A bamboo might be considered a grass. It is as strong as the hardwoods but it boasts of a distinctive look. It survives almost the same time a wood would. The only drawback with bamboo is that you cannot have much variation yet; it can be easily remedied through many different kinds of finishing. It is also easy to take care of as you would not need vacuum cleaner. You will no longer need to worry about molds, dust, mildew and other things.

Eco friendly flooring with Cork material –these are often found in bottles but cork floors have been gaining popularity. Are they the same material? Absolutely yes, the only difference is that they are shaped into tiles. Like the corks in bottles, cork tiles are also lightweight so you do not need to worry much about how you will install it. Why it is an eco friendly option? It is being harvested through obtaining the sustainable cork oak tree's bark. The bark can be collected without having the need to cut it down. Also, it can function as an insulator. It absorbs sound and noises. It can soften the impacts of things that fall on the floor. This alternative is recommended for families who have small children which tend to break fragile crafts. Another advantage of this type of flooring is that it has longer life span compared to stones and ceramic tiles.

Linoleum Floors –Is this quite a surprise that this is included in the list? Linoleum that is made up from flax seed oil is an environment friendly alternative. It is good for people who have allergies. It is also as durable as other types of clothing. It is also easy to maintain. This is ideal for your kitchen, dining room and hallways.


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