Choosing Stylish Eco Friendly Furniture

 Green, sustainable and recycled products have progressed far enough, from bags, clothing, packaging and even furniture. Today we have lots of stylish eco friendly furniture models .This is maybe because the manufacturers and the consuming public have been learning to protect their interest without the need to compromise the safety of our environment. Furniture is essential both in office and home.

However, you will not have any regret with purchasing eco friendly furniture. Such fixtures are as stylish as the ordinary types. What is more, they are quite less expensive compared to its contemporary. They are normally made from recycled materials that are also non-toxic. The list includes bamboo and cane, recycled fiber, egg cartons, industrial scraps and others. But how you will be able to know which green furniture is a good buy?

Purchase green furniture from authorized dealer. –There are leading retailers that sell eco friendly fixtures. Just be sure that you are making transactions with the authorized dealers because there is some that offers fake. Also, dealing with stores that are situated locally will save you from further costs such as transportation.

Go for certified woods for your eco friendly furniture . –Forest Stewardship Council certifies wood that are recycled. The agency also ensures that the fixtures that you will be buying adhere to the economic, environmental and social requirements.

Don't forget the upholstery. –in order for your furnishings to be totally green, its upholstery must be made from eco friendly materials too. You can either use organic cotton or hemp or other materials which are not harmful to the environment. Also, choose foams which are not treated with flame retardants. Such types are known for inflicting damage to brain and thyroid.

When looking for eco friendly furniture you can opt for VOC paints. –of course your furniture will not be complete without a paint on. You cannot take choosing paints lightly because it can pollute the air that is moving inside your home or office as the paint emits poisonous rays. It would save you the hassle and troubles if you would choose paints which are water based. Also, you can go for paints that contain the lowest VOC or volatile organic compound.

Do not throw off your old fixtures. –Sometimes, you do not need to purchase new furniture. Consider the possibility that it will just be garbage in the junkyard. Often, reupholstering does the trick. If it still does not work, try putting on slipcovers. You know that it is not that cheap to buy new furniture especially if you are trying to save money. Slipcovers usually bring life to the old fixtures. This way, you are not only saving dollars, but still doing your share of protecting the environment in very affordable ways.

Choosing equally stylish eco friendly furniture models does well not only to the mother earth but to the green industry as well that practices fair trade. This kind of trade entails companies that are socially responsible and healthy workers. Such workers' health is not compromised with the fabrication of products that might harm them in some ways. Also, there is less energy that is consumed in making this kind of furnishings. Additionally, opting for such can ensure the prevention of reduction of our natural resources. With the increasing environmental problems we face, protection of the earth must be on top of our list. Participating in this cause through buying fixtures that are eco friendly is the first step.


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