Sustainable Eco Friendly Packaging -From Plastic to Paper

While it may be true that plastic has given us the gifts of improved durability and longer life span, the harmful irreversible effects that are now taking its toll cannot be denied too. After a flood has subsided, the remnants speak of the horrible truth; that it has caused damage to our environment and it is now backfiring unto the dwellers of the planet. Apparently, making plastic materials is a not so good solution and must be stopped at once.

What went wrong? Aside from the fact that people have grown sick and tired of recycling plastic bags, they have also grown reckless in relation to the disposal of such materials. The best and only way to address this problem is to stop using it and opt for eco friendly packaging. Why not go back to paper as how it was a long time ago? But how in the world can you support biodegradable packaging? This article will show you how.

Shipping items –You cannot stop the use of plastic materials abruptly so what you can do is to recycle them. Often, when we receive fragile items, they are wrapped either in foam or a bubble wrap inside a box. You can use them if you would ship something to someone else. Another alternative you have is to use shredded paper, rolled cardboards, and used newspapers to stuff the fragile piece. There are a lot of stress that offer office and home supplies that are eco friendly and sustainable . Pick them out but you ought to inform the recipient that it is stuffed in a packaging that decomposes over time. Also, notify them that they should also reuse the packing materials you use. This way, they might be moved to do what you ask.

Food eco friendly packaging  –Shopping bags that are made up of paper has evolved to plastic and is now gradually changing to cloth. This is a good thing as it is eco friendly. It is certainly reusable as you can wash it should it get dirty. But it will be best to opt for muslin bags that are food-grade rather than the ones that are supplied by your grocery store. Also, it will help the environment if you will go for containers that are reusable. Refrain from using foils and other resealable plastic materials

Go for green eco friendly packaging  for all your gift wrapping  –you might ask how else a gift can be wrapped other than using traditional gift wrappers. This article boldly tells you that there are a lot more things you can use than you can ever think of. All you need is a little ounce of creativity. Let the creative juices flowing. For once, you can use your old comic books as a wrapper, the leftovers of your wallpaper or gift bags and wrappers from the old gifts your receive.

You can also use pages of glassy magazines you no longer use. Also, you can use remainders of a classy fabric you used for your dress. Buy a nice scarf and wrap your gift using it. That is like giving the recipient two gifts, which is the gift itself and the scarf. How about the gift tags? You can cut out from the old greeting cards given to you.


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