Facts About Eco Friendly Paints Unveiled

More and more eco  friendly paints and related products are emerging all the time with a great diversity of colors and uses. These green paints are durable and have other great benefits. Making use of the 'green' paint products that are earth friendly is no different than using the usual type of paint. There are no special tools or techniques that will be required.

It is a troubling thought that solvents that come from paints in daily use are being released into the air and is not something we would actually want to happen. What the paints release are chemical substances called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and these wind up in the atmosphere. This could have several bad effects; for example, it can result in the ozone to deplete, it can contribute to the issue of smog and likewise the big one; it can add to global warming. Global warming issues mean that the public are attempting to look more options in their choice of paints. Eco friendly paints were actually first made available back in the 90s, but they were not popular at all and they failed to make any impact.

So, will eco friendly paints become more popular with the raised awareness of global warming? However, there is another problem: the painting experts. The paint pros go on on saying paints that don't contain the volatile organic compounds aren't as good as paints that do contain them, even if the sellers are claiming the opposite. These professionals also assert that these green paints also need additional coats to get the same finish as normal paints, and that they don't have long life. The paint industry should consider the health issues relating to VOCs, including breathing complaints like asthma and that consumers are opting for eco friendly paints.

A solution to the issue is to use latex paints that are water based, having acrylic resin which acts as a binder. Due to the fact that they're water based, it means that they're eco friendly (VOCs are not present). Still, as with just about everything, there is a downside: latex paints can't be used to paint on iron due to them being water based, which ends up making the iron become rusty much quicker. No matter the downside, latex paints are becoming very popular with consumers.

When we talk about 'environmentally friendly paints', we do not simply mean the paint itself is friendly to the environment, but also the process in which the paint was created or how the ingredients were acquired. For instance, Titanium Dioxide is used in a lot of paints because of how white it is, meaning it can effectively hide other paints. Titanium Dioxide is prepared with a couple of processes that result in weak sulphuric acid being produced. Sulfuric acid, along with the chemical substances that were dissolved in it, was released into the sea, which of course is not good for the environment.

Titanium Dioxide leads to smog when exposed to the sun, which is one more concern. What's moer, Titanium Dioxide has been linked to a carcinogen found to cause cancer in humans. Although these issues are acknowledged Titanium Dioxide is still widely used in paints.

Most people are becoming more mindful of the issues normal paints pose to both their health and to the environment, so it isn't surprising to know that eco friendly paints are becoming very popular.


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