Why Purchase An Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

 Most people have been bugged at one time or another to go green. Some have heeded the call while others have preferred to do their share of protecting the environment with their own little ways like segregating and recycling their garbage. But maybe, not everyone has heard of eco friendly yoga mat. Why bother to purchase that? Would it make huge difference at all? For those who do yoga, a mat is needed so that they can do the routines well and comfortably.

Normally, this mat is made up from Poly Vinyl Chloride or what we know as PVC. There have been reports that talk about the harmful effects of this material. However, it is still widely accepted by the public because of its low price. Though it contains substances that can off-gas while it's being used, it is still preferred because that very harmful substances grant durability to the mats and in other PVC products in the large scale.
eco friendly yoga mat

So if you cannot opt for such yoga mats, where you will run to? The better alternatives are cotton yoga mats, natural rubber, jute, and non-toxic plastics such as polymer environmental resin. But maybe you are still wondering why should you buy a green eco friendly yoga mat? It might have a number of disadvantages yet, it outweighs the benefits that it can give you especially the ones that concern your health. Here are a few reasons why you must opt for such yoga mats.

Aside from eco-friendly, they are thicker especially the natural rubber mat. This enables you to have a better grip due to its additional stickiness. Yes, it smells like rubber but the smell fades as time passes by. Also, they are biodegradable.

If you will see the purchasing of an eco friendly yoga mat in a different perspective, you will see that though it costs more than the PVC mat, the difference between their prices will still be relatively smaller than your hospital bills should the harmful effects of the latter on your health takes its toll. Also, it is your yoga practice that relaxes you.

Pthalate, lead, dioxin and other unsafe substances are what we are talking about here. These constitute your PVC mat. This can cause harm in your brain, and immune system. Check out your medical encyclopedia and you can see that dioxin is one cause of cancer.

Although the smell of plastic is tolerable, you would not be able to know how it damages you inside. There are poses in yoga that will cause you to inhale the chemicals listed above without your knowing.

Your PVC mats are non-biodegradable and it will not be recycled as it will mean further damage to our environment. Unlike your eco friendly yoga mats, they fall to pieces over time and decompose. You might consider this a glitch, yet, there have been innovations that are done to protect the interest of the consumers.

Choosing eco friendly yoga mats is a win-win for consumers, manufacturers and mother earth. There is no perfect product. Yet, we have to be wise enough to opt for something that has the least disadvantages. There is neither a rule nor a law that would tell you to buy such yoga mats but it will not hurt you to do so.


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