Increase Your Savings With Energy Efficient Appliances

 Most people are not aware that more air pollution is produced by our homes compared to our cars. A big amount of energy that we use inside our homes is sourced by power plants. These power plants, in order to provide power to the numerous appliances inside our house, burn fossil fuel. And burning such causes a tremendous amount of air pollution and adds impact to acid rain, smog, and global warming. This is the reason why energy efficient appliances are now becoming popular.

As regular citizens, we should realize that we also need to participate in preventing this from happening or, at least, in reducing the negative effects of this cycle to our environment. By choosing to use energy efficient appliances , every household does its part in saving the environment. Also, families can increase their savings up to $400 on electric or utility bills each year. By choosing this type of appliances, there is just no way for someone to end up on the losing side.

If you're already convinced at this point, you might want to know the guidelines in purchasing your energy efficient appliance. You may observe that appearances do not indicate this because appliances usually have the same structure. The difference lies on the operating costs and energy-saving mechanisms. The more energy efficient your appliance gets, the lesser it would cost for operation. Thus, your electricity bills  become less expensive.
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With this, you have to take a look at how much energy the appliance will possibly use. There are a lot of brands and models to choose from so take your time looking at the specifications. Usually, the energy efficient ones are the more expensive but it's shouldn't be a reason for you to get turned off. The money that you will save will surely be worth it. It could also help you greatly if you ask assistance from the store personnel. Not only could they brief you regarding the products, they can also inform you if there are ongoing promotions for your purchases.

All new appliances, with the exception of garment dryers, ovens, and kitchen ranges, are required to have an energy guide label. It is a black and yellow label that FTC requires to be attached to them. On this label, you will find the estimated annual energy the appliance consumes. This should make it easier for you to determine which model to choose.

One more indication if an appliance is energy efficient is the "Energy Star" symbol. This is actually the symbol for energy efficiency. The US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy created it to aid consumers in saving money and minimizing air pollution.

Once you've purchased your energy efficient appliances, you must keep in mind that proper usage is needed for you to actually save energy and money. There are proper usage guidelines to follow with every type of appliance.

To maximize the efficiency of your refrigerator, make sure that the energy saving switch is turned on during summer and turned off during winter, if it has one. Also, take note that one big refrigerator is more efficient and it will save you more money that having two smaller ones. If you have decided to replace your refrigerator with a new one, disposing the old one will conserving energy and saving money, too. When looking out for refrigerator features, additional accessories like water dispensers and ice makers may be attractive, but they do reduce efficiency.

When dealing with your air conditioners, it will help a lot if you install an electric fan inside the room where it is set up. If you have it, you may need to set your air con to a lower temperature. It can help you save up to 25% of energy. It is also better if you air conditioner has an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 10.0 or higher.

Another guideline that you can observe to conserve energy is to use the microwave instead of the stove when possible. Microwave oven energy consumption can go as low as 50% compared to a conventional stove.

With all these information, you must now have a pretty good idea of how choosing and using your energy efficient appliances  well affect the environment and your electric bills. Every type of appliance has its own specifications so it would always be best if you compare models in the actual store. This way, you will get to ask questions and make a very informed decision.


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