Buying Guides in Energy Efficient Furnaces

 Buying a brand new energy efficient furnaces such a gas furnace,heat furnace,hot water furnace and oil furnace  is ideal when it it's a couple of decades old. This is because aside from the unit already malfunctions since it is being used for years, furnaces sold today consume less energy compare to the old models. However, you need to know how to choose a furnace that will be appropriate for your needs when buying one.

This can not only save you time, effort and money but stress as well for you no longer have to bug a store just to have a defective one replaced. A new unit might cost you a fortune and a dent in your savings however; upgrading your old heating system can give you a lot of benefits eventually. For one, it will help you to consume less energy. This would imply lower utility bills and less pollution; hence, less damage to the environment. But what must you look upon buying one?

The competence of the energy efficient furnaces is measured through Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This is indicated in the Energy Star label that is attached on the furnace. The United States Department of Energy has made it a requirement that furnaces must have at least 78% efficiency rating. Fortunately, the models available in the market usually surpass the ratings specified by the mentioned government agency. The AFUE rating must be considered in buying new furnace.

The higher the furnace efficiency rating is, the less it consumes energy. But you might think how high is high? Any rating that is higher than 90% are considered high –efficiency. Normally, the Energy Star label includes projected operating cost of a furnace per annum. These figures allow you to estimate how much it can cost you if you were to buy a particular unit.

Box fresh energy efficient furnaces often cost as much as $4500 including the installation fee. Of course, the price may vary because of the brand name of the model and the efficiency ratings. High-efficiency furnaces might cost your more yet; you can obtain return of investment as they pay you off with less utility bills and qualification for tax credit. You can calculate how much you can save by considering different factors such as the amount of the heating system you'll be purchasing, the climate you have in your area, local energy consumption and the discrepancy between the efficiency of the old furnace versus the new one.

The sizes of energy efficient furnaces must be appropriate with your needs. Size plays a role in energy efficiency. Too large furnace eats up more energy in warming and cooling down. Unlike other domestic devices, the size of furnaces is measured in BTU or British Thermal Unit. A qualified air conditioning dealer will be able to help you in selecting which would fit your needs.

They would figure out how much energy you will need according to the size of your house, where are your windows located, insulation levels and others. You must also consider the flow direction when buying a brand new furnace. It has three types, which are the upflow, downflow, and horizontal flow. Depends on where you place your furnace, whether in the attic or basement, you must choose accordingly.


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