Why Eco Conscious Home Owners Should Have A Home Energy Efficiency Audit

In case you are eco-conscious, that suggests you are much concerned about your impact on the earth. And that also includes your own personal energy use. Consequently, as being an eco-conscious homeowner, it's advisable to have a  home energy efficiency audit.

What Is an Home Energy Efficiency Audit?

In a nutshell, a residential energy saving audit  means going over it in greater detail, observing just about any areas of energy inefficiency. For instance, you would take a look at home's insulation, windows, doors, lighting, and appliances. You'd also look at your water heater, pipes, and cooling and heating system for signs of inefficiency and energy waste.

Do It Yourself Home Energy Check

It is possible to perform a home energy efficiency audit yourself. You simply must take notes, and inform yourself on exactly what you are looking for. Here are some ideas:

* Insulation is not only just pink fluff in the attic. Whenever you review your insulation, you will have to look at your house's walls, the basement or second storey ceiling, and also the attic. As an example, you could have an attached garage at your house. In the event the ceiling of the garage is not insulated, cold air will penetrate to the room above it. Check existing insulation for leaks.

* Lighting is a big source of waste in a few homes. Locate any rooms which may have high-wattage, incandescent bulbs in them. Also seek out different ways to let in more natural light.

* Doors and windows will have to be scrutinized. If you don't have up-to-date windows and doors, seal water leaks with caulk or weather strip protection.

* Your hot water heater can also be a source of energy waste. Protect it with bubble wrap or special material which is available from any nearby utility company. Look at your domestic hot water plumbing and also insulate them with foam if they are not already. Replace worn foam.

Follow the Guidelines of an Experienced Auditor For Your Home Energy Efficiency Audit 

You will find professional home energy auditors out there, and also you might consider having one come to your home. They will go into detail and will without doubt cover things you would miss. He or she will have special tools intended for detecting air and heat leaks that you may not detect by yourself.

For instance, house energy auditors have infrared cameras that can show heat loss too subtle for you to feel, and they also have calibrated "blower doors." These blowers are enormous fans that fit into your doorway, and they remove so much air that the air pressure decreases in your home. The higher air pressure outside implies that air will rush in through even the tiniest cracks to be able to equalize the pressure, thus revealing air leaks.

Your auditor will most likely want to go over your utility bills with you, so gather up the past year's records. Let the auditor know of any existing problems, such as a room that never seems to get warm or hot water that runs out after only a few minutes of use.

How to save energy at home either you do it yourself or hire someone, a home energy efficiency audit  is essential for eco-conscious homeowners.


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