Homemade Wind Turbine Alternator-An Easy Way Out

Houses that can support homemade turbine can utilize this service. Windmill cannot be implanted in all the areas. To set up a homemade windmill one has to make sure the landscape, laws and the utility company supports the program, and no hindrance will be created.

First, one has to carve blades. Blades can be made of wood. It can be either quartersawn sitka o brasswood which is softer and is better for carving. Sitka is preferred more for wind turbines, though.  After carving the blades, they are put together and attached to the alternator. Alternators use two slip rings through which electricity is transferred.  For wind turbines 300 RPMS alternator is required.

Alternators can be used as wind generators as they are used to produce electricity. But with alternators bigger blades are to be attached because they produce electricity at a very high RPMS. These homemade wind turbines are placed where the speed of the wind is high.  The alternator use electromagnetic field to produce electricity but they decrease the output.

The homemade wind turbine alternators are the most powerful and inexpensive mode for wind generators. Homemade alternators can be constructed with the use of Volvo disc brake assemblies.  Flat magnets are placed beside coils but they are in constant circular motion. This is the larger unit of the alternator. For smaller unit of alternator Radial design is used in which the magnets are tied to the outside radius of the armature. To convert AC current to DC they are connected to bridge rectifiers that charge the battery.

Even an induction motor can be transformed into a magnetic homemade wind turbine alternator. There is a centre core in an induction motor, which has aluminum and steel alternating plates. If permanent magnets are attached to these plates then it becomes an alternator.

The homemade wind turbines use the same technique as the car alternator. A car engine produces electricity by circulating a magnet within three fixed coils. All these are placed inside the alternator. The contact of the magnet with the coils produces electricity. The same technology is used for the wind turbines but instead of the engine, the alternator is charged by the spins of the blades. The electricity is then stored in the battery similar to that of car's. Then by using inverter the DC current is converted to AC current that is used at homes.

In today's world, homemade wind turbine alternator is a necessity because all the natural resources buried down the earth is insufficient. To fulfill this shortage one can use wind or solar energy to produce electricity. Using wind turbines is a better idea because they take less space and produce adequate amount of electrical energy. The mechanism of homemade wind turbine alternator is to convert wind energy into electricity, which can be used to light home appliances.

To construct homemade wind turbines internet can be used which provides a detailed guideline of how to fix a wind turbine at your home. It is an environmental friendly way of converting one form of energy into another as it produces little or no pollution.


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