IOGear Solar Bluetooth Car Kit Review

The IOGear Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit model GBHFK231

of size Inches (L x W x H): 7.0 x 6.0 x 1.75 is a very cute and sleek eco friendly gadget for mobile phone communication  especially while you are driving as it enables you to wirelessly  place and receive calls on your
 your bluetooth-enabled mobile phone while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on  the steering wheel.

Pros of IOgear  solar Bluetooth Car Kit

1. Very easy to pair with two phones at the same time

2.Lighweight,sleek and very convenient to travel with.

3. No need for charging cable in the car as it it solar charged

4. Great sound quality

5. Affordable

6. Very easy to use

7. Good battery life. Lasts about 11-13 hrs when fully charged

8. Quick recharging

9.Easy to set up with iphone

10. Only needs one hour of sunlight each day to keep it charged.

11. Very handy to use outside the car

12. Works great in older cars that have no built in bluetooth technology

13. Bluetooth connection within seconds

14. Unit can also be charged from car or from computer

15. No ugly looking extension cord needed to power adapter hanging from the top of windshield

16. Perfect if you love outdoors.You do not need to bring boat load of batteries with you.

17. Good echo and noise cancelling technology

18. Can store up to 1000 contacts in your phone book

19. Compliant with bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Cons of Iogear Solar Bluetooth Car Kit

1.The visor clip is not so good and does not work with thick visor as a result the unit may fall off as there is a change in temperature. But fortunately the

unit is very compact and solid and can resist a fall.

2. Volume problems- but if you are talking to someone and the volume is maxed you just have to press on the volume button one more time this will again increase in volume.

The IOGear solar bluetooth hands free kit is solar powered and therefore is environment friendly and buying you contribute towards a sustainable eco-friendly living.


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