Is Solar Cell Phone Charger Worth The Money

Energy alternatives that are eco-friendly are becoming more and more popular and more affordable these days and solar cell phone charger is among the least costly. One of the simplest methods to reduce the consumption of your energy is to use a charger which can be run by renewable energy from the sun in order to recharge the batteries of cell phones. This lightweight and small unit comes with a selection of power outputs and sizes to make the process of recharging a breeze.

Alternative energy technology is coming a long way for the past decade. These days, this small unit is small enough in order to fit on a small key chain which can be connected to any mobile device or phone. It must be understood that less expensive and smaller units will take longer time to recharge batteries that are dispensable and this is one of the negative aspects of this technology.

Generally, recharging one mobile device can take anywhere between 10 hours and 12 hours. The light of the sun is required which means that mobile phones must be remained plugged in all through daylight time when these units are normally in use. One option with this problem is to buy another battery and keep it be charged to the solar panel in the daytime. A second choice can be to buy a larger one which can produce more solar power.

However, the problem with that is that even bigger units can only function when the sunlight hits directly the panels and can still receive as much as 8 hours when recharging. Maintaining a second battery to be hooked during the day can is a good alternative but the panels can still require direct sunlight to function effectively in most cases. With the movement of the sun some area of your house to another place during the days might only receive direct sunlight for few hours only.

A few people are opting to make their own solar cell phone charger from single cells. This kind of unit is far less cheap and can be purchased less than $15. On the other hand, electrical experience is needed in order to attach the solar cell with a converter or an energy storage battery to into an AC output which the mobile unit can utilize to recharge.

Generally, there are three looks for chargers and these are key chain panels, upright panels and flip panels. Flip versions appear the same with a flip cell phone and the solar cells are placed within a plastic protective case. The upright form is frequently the most costly and will stand up similar to a picture frame. Key chain version is very little and will offer no security for the collection of power cell. All versions are found in online shops for purchase.

Alternative energy sources are growing by leaps and bounds. Sooner or later, all devices for cell phones will be recharged using the rays of the sun yet until that time comes when current models will offer a glance of what will certainly be familiar in the days to come. So, if you want to save a large of money in your monthly electric bill then go for charger which can be charged using solar power.


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