Solar Powered Landscape Lighting

 The utilization of solar outside lights and solar powered landscape lighting can increase considerably the artistic value of any kind of landscape project. They improve the attractiveness of the gardens and they are environmentally friendly. This light is designed for accenting pathways, driveways and steps. Made of durable materials and quality components, the arrays of the solar lights are actually more productive as compared to the conventional ones. This kind of lighting is perfect for safety and security, dependable and is easy to install. It is operational at significantly low energy charge, can be installed almost anywhere and is versatile. A lot of people will be inclined to buy this solar powered landscape lighting  unit considering the different advantages and benefits. However, prior to purchasing and installing such unit, certain aspects must be considered. It is vital to consider the geography and the location of the nearby area when choosing the right lighting system.

The main factor is to place the Photovoltaic Solar Panel which is being employed to charge the battery in an area where it can receive abundant sunlight. The shading of the panel using landscape features and other hindrances such as buildings, trees and others can influence negatively the charging of the battery and thus hamper the functioning of the lighting. If the area does not receive adequate sunlight or are full of trees, the light may not function well for the specific duration. This light functions generally between 8 and 10 hours. However, during winter season, the operational timing will differ. The solar powered landscape lighting panels are very sensitive and will generate electric current if exposed to sunlight. When there is slight direct sunlight on overcast days, the charger often gets sufficient power to create light. The battery charger's intensity can be maximized through the optimization of the panel's tilt angle in relation to the sun.

It is wise to consult experts for the proper setting up of this system and take their guidelines and suggestions for a simple installation. The objects for lighting and a drawing of the vicinity need to be given to the technicians if possible in advance for appropriate suggestions on installation. It's recommended to use flexible solar panels since they are light weight. These panels are highly portable, inexpensive and could be installed in areas where there is problem with the space. A lot of manufacturers incorporate PV call to the fixtures of the light. If the fixture is put under a bush or shade of a huge tree, it will not work. Brands that have separate PV modules permit them to work better by receiving maximum sunlight.

It is not recommended to buy low priced solar powered landscape lighting since they offer poor light. The bulbs can burn out fast and will not generate enough light. In addition, it will be hard to recharge the lead acid batteries and have short life span. Nickel – metal - hydride or nickel – cadmium batteries are good to be used since they can produce brighter light and use less energy. The new batteries can hold and take charge much better compared to old lead acid units. Be sure to check the quality of the products before buying. Good ones are long lasting, come with good accessories and backed up with guarantee against malfunctioning. Most importantly, the solar powered landscape lighting systems need to be supported by proficient technical specialists.


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