How To Become A Wind Energy Technician?

There are lots of good, well-paying careers out there that are great for people who just hate the regular desk job life  where they have to punch a clock, and stare at a computer all day. There are lots of wind energy technician jobs out there where you use your hands and your heart and you can go home feeling like you have really applied yourself. The wind energy solutions industry exactly such a place.

If you're in wind energy solutions as a technician, you'll have a job doing things like setting up, installing and maintaining those huge wind energy turbines that produce electricity from the wind.

Is this a field that needs a lot of people?

You bet. The American Wind Energy Association's website says that for every 10 windmills that are built, they need a new tech to maintain them. On average, a person whose employed full-time in this industry can make about $75,000 a year. And then, you get all the benefits and a good salary that go with a good regular job that's valued in society. You get health benefits, training, travel benefits and so on.

So what kind of wind energy education do you need for employment in the wind energy solutions industry as a tech?

There are lots of colleges out there. Lakeshore Technical College in Wisconsin is one of them. When you sign up for the month-long course, it's a good bit of hard work, but you come out qualified for the job. They teach you all about wind turbines, the whole industry, hydraulics and electronics.

Basically, if you have a head for mechanical stuff, if you love working outdoors working with your hands, if you like the outdoors lifestyle, and if $75,000 a year isn't too shabby for you, this is exactly the kind of thing that'll make you happy.

So how hard is it breaking into the industry as a wind energy technician when you have no experience?

Well, as you would find in any kind of industry, breaking in without experience does take time and patience. But it's a rewarding industry to be in, and it's well worth the effort. Month-long programs like the one we just talked about or the one at California Wind Tech, will get you well on your way. Basically it first, you may need to be willing to move anywhere across the country get your first break – Texas, Iowa, Illinois, California – wherever they give you a break. Once you've settled in, you can begin to pick and choose.


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