All About Homemade Wind Turbine Battery

 Wind energy is an alternative source of energy that people are turning to
for economic reasons and concern for the environment. Wind power can be
converted into electricity and used to power homes and industries. Wind
turbines are composed of rotor blades, a shaft, and a generator. The wind force
rotates the rotor blades, which are connected to the generator by the shaft.
This causes a magnetic rotor in the generator to spin around loops of copper
wire, which causes electrons in the copper to flow, and creates electricity.

Since most wind turbines can not generate power when the wind speed is below
about 8 mph, the power generated must be stored so that it is available for
these times. Power generated from homemade wind turbines can be stored in
battery packs, which are sets of batteries connected together. The battery pack
must include a control system such as a charge controller to prevent the batteries
from getting overcharged. A charge controller sends the generated power to the
batteries and senses when the batteries are fully charged, then redirects the power
to an alternative storage battery or electronic device. This prevents damage
to the batteries and possible fires.

To choose the number and type of batteries to use in the wind turbine
battery pack, you must first identify the amount of energy that you want to store.
If you are using the homemade wind turbine to supply all your electricity
"off the grid", you need to determine your average daily power usage in watts.
You can get this information from your power bill.

The type of wind turbine batteries you need depends on your budget and use of your homemade
wind-turbine. There are batteries made specially for homemade wind
turbines, but you can find less expensive ones as well. Deep-cycle batteries
are most commonly used. You can also recondition batteries yourself
Once you've decided what kind of batteries you are going to use,
you need to choose batteries with the correct voltage for your power usage.
To find the wattage produced by each battery, multiply the voltage of the
battery by the battery amp rating, which is listed on the battery packaging.
This will tell you how many batteries you need in your battery pack.

Deep-cycle batteries are available in 6-, 12-, and 24-volts. There are also
higher-volt options which are capable of storing and providing more energy.
Electronic devices cannot be directly plugged into the power generated by
the wind turbine or the battery pack. The current generated by the battery pack
and the wind turbine is direct current, not the alternating current that typical
household electronics devices use. You need an inverter to change the direct
current to alternating current. The schematic provided in your homemade wind
turbine kit shows you how to connect the inverter to the battery pack and wind

The battery pack must be grounded to prevent arcs of electricity from
destroying nearby grounded objects, such as people, pets, or nearby metal
surfaces. Last, store the battery pack in a clean, dry area off the ground to
avoid the risk of accidental electrocution or fires.


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